Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Sudbury Invitational Track and Field Meet


Date: May 22, 2017

Place: Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School

The meet starts promptly at 4pm

F.A.T. ( fully automatic timing )

Two high jump jumping pits (boys and girls will compete simultaneously

Athlete Participation Rules:
Each Team may enter 3 athletes per event.
An athlete is allowed to participate  in  any 3 events ( relays count as an event)
Coaches are responsible for meet managing their kids who are participating in running events and field.
Running events preside over field. Athletes need to check out with officials prior to going to field event area, if your athlete needs to check out of an event.  After the completion of the event, the athlete must report back to their field event immediately. They will get 15 minute maximum to complete their effort. In the high jump event, the bar will continue to rise.

Awards to the top sixth place finishers in each event area.
Order of events
Sprint Medley( 800-200-200-400)        
200 m finals          
100 m trials
100 m Finals
400 m Finals
4 x 100 relay
4 x 400 Relay        

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